In the Mining Industry of today, equipment, power, water and liquid effluents are the critical operational issues. Mining demands power, fuel and material handling equipment. Mining continuously generates large amounts of effluents and waste. These effluents usually contain harmful pollutants, which easily contaminate the environment and affect human health. Mines demand innovative solutions and Ekotech Energy has them.

Solution: Ekotech Energy specializes in Air, Water, Effluents and Power solutions for mines. Our solutions are technology and feasibility driven.

What Makes Us Different

  • Partnership Strategy
  • Opporutnity to work
  • Saving Time to Deal with
  • Leadership skills to manage
  • Cut cost without sacrificing
  • Automate your business

EkoTech Solutions in Mining

Mining is all about effluents, Ekotech has the most-rugged cost saving HDPE piping systems in the market, including Double-Walled HDPE Pipe and Fiber-Flex. Complementing that we have the most advanced pumping systems.

We have been working on the EkoMobile Solar Power & Lighting System. Using the FastRack system and our Bi-Polar NimH batteries we can supply Solar power anywhere.

Ekotech can craft a wide range of effluent treatment solution, from Desalination to ZLD system with waste heat evaporation. Adding to that, we could manage the man-camp Effluents.

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