Oil and Gas

A serious issue today is the byproducts of Water utilization and Liquid effluents the Oil & Gas industry produce. The Oil and Gas industry continuously generate large amounts of waste and polluted effluents. This waste and effluents generally contain harmful pollutants, which easily contaminate the environment, are hazardous to nearby water sources and affect human health. Environmental agencies worldwide are pressuring Oil & Gas companies to control the disposal of these waste and effluents.

Solution: Ekotech Energy specializes in environmentally and economically driven Oil and Gas industry solutions for Hydraulic Estimulation, Water and Waste. Many of the Best Available Technologies (BAT) is contained within our portfolio.

What Makes Us Different

  • Partnership Strategy
  • Opportunity to work
  • Saving Time to Deal with
  • Leadership skills to manage
  • Cut cost without sacrificing environmental stewardship
  • Reduce, Re-use and Recycle Effluents

EkoTech Solutions in Oil & Gas

Ekotech has put together the components for the most reliable and rugged transfer solution including the Fiber-Flex HDPE pipe, AVK vales and MKMZ high-volume pumps.

Produced Water Treatment is a key issue for Shale Oil &Gas exploration. We have crafted a solution with the best technology components available in the US, the leading Shale country..

Ekotech has gotten together with the leading Russian technology company in the Oil & Gas industry, manufacturing the Best Available Technology for Hydraulic Fracturing with Turbine-Driven Pressure Pumping Units.

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