Power Generation is dramatically changing and evolving. Clean energy sources such and Biogas, Solar and Wind are rapidly emerging. The use of Natural Gas as a clean fuel is also emerging with technology making its use more widespread

Ekotech Energy's DNA is made of Energy Recovery from waste and renewables. Ekotech Energy is supporting a technology to increase the efficiency of large gas-fired turbines as well as promoting landfill gas powered projects advancing our effort of taking to market CHP technologies.

Ekotech Energy specializes in Clean Power with technology and feasibility driven solutions.

What Makes Us Different

  • Partnership Strategy
  • Opportunity to work
  • Saving Time to Deal with
  • Leadership skills to manage
  • Cut cost without sacrificing
  • Automate your business

EkoTech Solutions in Power

Why not use your Waste Heat. Ekotech Energy knows waste heat technologies that can generate great efficiency to any power plant, IC Engine driven or Turbine. .

Ekotech packages special technologies for Power Plant efficiency enhancement. A air compressor driven system is used in crafted solutions for Turbines from 5 to 250 Mw.

Ekotech has put together a package of Solar technologies and products in order to deliver complete systems. Working closely with a leading battery manufacturer gives Ekotech a leading edge in energy storage.

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