Solid Waste

Landfill biogas is naturally created through the decomposition of solid waste. This decomposition generates two main gases: methane or natural gas (CH4) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Ekotech Energy specializes:

  • In services, products and technologies for landfill owners and landfill gas-to-energy systems;
  • In Industrial Effluents and Landfill Leachate technologies;
  • In products and technologies for the conversion of Biomass into useful Energy;
  • In products and technologies aimed at generation of bio-energy and Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF).

What Makes Us Different

  • In the waste industry, the Ekotech Energy network can provide you the leading edge your project needs.
  • Ekotech Energy has spent the last decade investing and working with technology leaders, in their promotion in emerging markets.
  • At Ekotech Energy you will find viable solutions that make economic sense. Make your project a winner.
  • With Ekotech Energy you will be able to see the product or technolgy you are acquiring prior to making major decisions.
  • Ekotech Energy supports the project from inception to execution and operation.

EkoTech Solutions in Solid Waste

The engineering team at Ekotech Energy worked with PE Valve's Terry Shafer to develop the Ekotech Ekoflow Wellhead for Landfill Gas. This Wellhead is designed to be the most rugged leak-free wellhead in the industry.

Ekotech Energy can provide you with the most rugged and economically viable leachate disposable solution in the market, Best Available Technology (BAT), while providing the best O&M cost in the industry.

The combination of power generation from landfill gas with the utilization of the waste heat for leachate processing has proved to be the ultimate heat recovery solution. Let Ekotech Energy show you how!

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