Water utilization and Liquid effluents are byproducts of the industry. Industries continuously generate large amounts of polluted effluents, a serious issue of today These effluents usually contains harmful pollutants, which easily contaminate the environment, affect human health, are hazardous to nearby water sources and can easily travel into the drinking water table. Environmental agencies worldwide are working to control the uncontrolled disposal of these liquids near urban areas, where industry is located.

Solution: Ekotech Energy specializes in Industrial Effluents Treatment with technology and feasibility driven solutions.

What Makes Us Different

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EkoTech Solutions in Water

Ekotech Energy creates custom solutions for IWW, utilizing leading technologies such as thermal evaporation and specialized membrane systems.

Ekotech Energy is intimately familiar with the effluent technologies in the area of Shale Oil & Gas Exploration.

Ekotech Energy works closely with ZLD solutions to handle Coal Plant FGD Effluents. This leading edge technology set can and will deliver amazing results.

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